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  • Your Dream, Our Mission
    "All great things begin with a vision... a dream."
    Estee Lauder
  • Our Mission, Your Ideas
    Your cosmetic products will be created
    with the most cutting-edge technology,
    tailored to your needs and demands.
  • Your Ideas, Our Expertise
    Great brands begin with YOUR name

Powerful Brands Begin
With your vision.

How we work
for you.

Based on our specific ideas, your brand will be developed with unique and personalized formulas in order to obtain the results you want, working together to define all the characteristics that your product or range of products will contain.

Your exclusivity includes choosing every detail regarding type of product, presentation, assets, effectiveness, texture, fragrance and price range.

On another hand, you don't have to worry about anything if you choose so. Your brand can be globally developed by us, specialists in cosmetics, making us capable to take care of the entire process from the beginning to the end.

Product Types

From the first idea to the final product


Selection of labels,
packaging and branding.

Budget approval based
on final agreements.

All guarantees of
manufacturing for EU.

Certifications, exports,
and regulations.

Finished product

Importation &
logistic solutions.



Alcohol-based sanitizers

There are two types of sanitizers; alcohol-based and non-alcohol based. The non-alcohol sanitizers contain ingredients that are antiseptic (providone-iodine), cleansing agent (benzalkonium chloride) or antibacterial (triclosan). Regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), non-alcohol based sanitizers are not effective.

Alcohol-based sanitizers, on the other hand, should be used and is the most efficient way to kill coronavirus.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Scott, professor of microbiology at Simmons Center for Hygiene and Health in Home and Community at Simmons University in Boston, higher-percentage alcohols are more concentrated. On the other hand, lower percentages, like 70 percent, have more water being the latter a very important ingredient: “Seventy percent alcohol has some water in it that allows it to cross a cell membrane, to really get into the bacteria to kill it.”

Don't stock-out. Keep your community, employees and loved ones safe. FDS Beauty will assist you during the entire production and delivery process ensuring you a high level quality service.

Step by Step we make your dream a reality

5 steps to own your own brand.

Step by Step

Learn more about how we conceptualize and produce your brand with you in command. You will be able to select from a variety of product types, product lines, packages, aromas, textures and define, with our team, the logo and graphic elements of your visual elements and overall communication.

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Cofinanciado por: Portugal 2020